Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The things I learned so well in my youth

Marguerite and I (see previous post) were both big Dusty fans, and after one of her many displays of hospitality, I gave her the wonderful 4-CD set Simply Dusty... When I spoke to Marguerite's friend Shaun last week, he asked me if Marguerite had a favorite Dusty track that they could play at her funeral this coming Thursday.
I said that I didn't know, but the one song that came into my head before all others was "Goin' Back" by Carole King. Dusty's performance has to be the definitive one, and as I mentioned to Shaun, it was played at Dusty's own funeral.
So the day after tomorrow at the West London Crematorium at Kensal Green, they will play three excerpts from Traviata, Marguerite's favorite opera (perhaps because of Marguerite Gauthier!) and Dusty's performance of "Goin' Back" [click on the link to hear it]. So a little bit of me will be there with them. Shaun tells me that in November they plan on having a memorial service in celebration of her life. Wild horses (and/or waning finances) will not keep me from that event.

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Blogger AndrewGoesBroadway said...

"Goin Back" is my favorite Dusty Springfield recording. I have it on my i-pod. Interestingly enough, I downloaded that track while I was living in Saudi Arabia, and I listened to it when I went jogging at night. Hence, I am probably the only person who associates that song with Islam, oil refineries, and the Arabian desert.

August 27, 2007 at 8:20 AM  

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